Bethie Wolf (St. Paul, Minnesota)

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 “I’m the queen of excuses. I can always find a reason why I didn’t do or did do one thing or another. And recently I realized that in making all of these excuses I’m failing to take responsibility for myself and the way I live my life. I know the importance of my prayer times or eating well and working out: they make me a healthier version of myself; they keep me more present to my family and help me increase in holiness.  And I need to be accountable to myself and to God in those things. But that’s hard and I struggle daily to be accountable to all the things that go unseen by others.

I’m hoping to use this upcoming advent season to be more diligent in these areas. I want to do the little things I know need to be done so that I'm capable and ready to do the bigger things I may not see coming. I hope to spend some time with the Lord preparing my heart for His coming, and this year part of that is to stop making excuses and to own my decisions and seek forgiveness when needed. I’d also like to learn to be merciful of other’s excuses as well. How often I roll my eyes in resentment when a friend cancels last minute for their poor planning or when my husband doesn’t get a project finished.  C.S. Lewis wrote this: ‘In our own case we accept excuses too easily; in other people's, we do not accept them easily enough.’ Lord give me grace to own my own actions and help me to love others regardless of theirs."

-Bethie Wolf (St. Paul, Minnesota)