Katia Dahan (Montreal, Canada)


"I love you mommy!”. “Thank you mommy!”. How precious are these words coming out of the little mouth of my three year old daughter! They make my heart melt every single time. But how many more “NOOO's" do I hear every day! And often I find myself thinking: if only she knew everything I do for her, if only she knew how much I love her and would do anything for her, she would be thanking me right now instead of throwing a tantrum! But would she?

How quick am I, are we, on thanking our heavenly Father and telling Him how much we love him? And he did much more then giving us birth and raising us. He loves us more then we love our kids. He died for each of us so that we can live eternally! We have all the reasons to thank him and acknowledge him and yet, we so often forget to do it. I realize that I am no better then my three year old, throwing tantrums at God for leading my life in ways that don’t always please me, or even resisting his will for me! Motherhood is really a constant lesson of humility. As much as our children need us to correct them and help them find their way in life, we are in need of our Redeemer! The next time we feel frustrated because our child did not thank us for taking her out to get some ice cream but instead throws a tantrum in the store, let’s first remind ourselves to thank our Creator! It might not resolve the crisis but it will give us the patience and love to deal with it just as our merciful and loving Father deals with us day after day."