Sara Dunya Chemaly (Beirut, Lebanon)


"I was pregnant again and we were so excited to have a second child in our lives. But initial tests showed that this baby had a high risk of having trisomy, or Down’s syndrome.
I was a bit worried but at the same time I had peace in my heart that God was in this situation. We started telling our extended family, friends and sharing group for some support in prayer.

At my next appointment, the doctor brought up the option of abortion.
He was shocked at my horrified reaction: “This is not even an option for me... these aren’t my beliefs and values!”
He started telling us “You think it is something really easy, but it isn’t. All your life will change, and you are still young.”
My reply was “God will give me the grace. The grace to raise the baby whatever the challenges, the grace to be a good mother”.
We went after a month to do a 3D ultrasound at another lab... the doctor there was shocked of our previous triple test and asked us why we were going to have the baby. When we told him he was touched by our story and took his time to do the 3D ultrasound. In his thorough exam, he found much different results – a healthy baby with little or no risks.

Four months later I delivered a beautiful, healthy, 4.3 kilo baby! My daughter Magdalena is such a blessing in our lives, and while we rejoice that she had no complications, I know God would have given us the grace we needed if she did. It would have been a different road, but still a path of grace, because God gives us what we need to walk each road he has for us. So I learned not to be afraid the way the world is afraid of challenges. God will give me the grace."