Theresa Ziolkowski (Ann Arbor, MI)


“Years ago, while hosting a group of post college-aged women at my home, my preschool son interrupted our meeting and insisted that he should be allowed to stay up late. Back in his room, he defiantly grabbed a Lego brick and proceeded to shove it way up into the back part of his nose as a way of staying up past his bedtime. My oldest child came running into the meeting and yelled ‘____ has a Lego stuck up his nose!’ The ladies thought it was hysterical, especially after my husband successfully extracted the piece with a tweezers. ER visit averted!
Why am I telling you this story? How many times have you insisted on your own way with God, done something really stupid, and God had to bail you out? I know I’ve done that many times. How often have I leaped head first into some project or commitment without asking God first what He wants me to do and find myself in over my head. Maybe it’s that I have a touch of ADD, and am really good at starting things but not necessarily finishing.

What is it about our stubbornness that insists on doing things our way? When we plow ahead with something that that little small voice in the back of our minds says is foolish, or not timely, or simply wrong, what has brought us to that place? I believe it comes from a lack of making time for Christ, for becoming familiar with him, and allowing Him to make a home in our hearts. Isaiah says ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.’ In considering the brevity of my life, I’m encouraged to create that space where the voice of God is a familiar, welcome voice, not one to be ignored.”